Kansas City Independent Premier (KCIP)

Kansas City Independent Premier (KCIP)

This program is offered for all teams playing division 4 and below as well as teams that want to stay together with friends and retain their coach.

Cost is only $99 per player per season (includes Heartland registration, team roster, player card, and player insurance) an additional $50 annual club admin fee used for general purposes.

Cost comparison in Overland Park: SBV IP $85 (+$135 annual club admin fee) and OPSC is $200/player (+$30 club admin fee).

Yearly cost: KCIP $248, SBV IP $305, and OPSC $430.

Teams/players benefits: guest players between KCIP teams, access to players that do not make OFC18 teams or no longer compete for significant playing time with their OFC18 team, access to practice fields and CAMPS at a discounted price.

Coaches/teams benefits: an organized tryout on a high school field for free and access to free marketing to recruit players for your team, coaching gear for coaches.

Minimum number of players per team on the roster: 10 players for 7v7, 12 players for 9v9 and 15 players for 11v11.

Uniform package cost is $125 valid for 3 years (includes 2 kits, home and away Jersey, short and socks). Interested in registering your teams please contact us at ofc18soccerclub@gmail.com